Bike Fit Service

Health & Sports Physiotherapy provide a professional bike fitting service out of our Cardiff clinic. Our fitter Scott Cornish of PhysioBikeFit, is a fully qualified physiotherapist who has been bike-fitting for over 4 years. Scott is an experienced cyclist himself, racing long distance mtb events, such as the Grand Raid Cristalp and the 8 day Cape Epic, practising what he preaches to avoid injury and discomfort on the bike.

Why get a bike fit with us?

Because as qualified physiotherapists we understand biomechanics and that balance within the body is as important as a good bike set up. A proper bike fit is fundamental for injury prevention, optimal riding performance and comfort. At Health & Sports Physiotherapy we use an eye-on, holistic fit process, using our knowledge and understanding of functional anatomy and how best to fit the bike to the person, adapting it to their current range of movement, flexibility, muscular strengths/weaknesses and balance.

As a physio and racer himself, Scott can advise on any relevant exercises and / or stretches to address any imbalance or flexibility issues and how the fit may alter over time as the body adapts to a recommended strength and conditioning programme.

Sometimes it can be more about the rider then the bike. Addressing muscular or postural imbalance can also improve performance and comfort, an aspect which may be picked up in the initial assessment. 


What does a bike fit involve?

Rider interview & assessment

  • Complete assessment form
  • Discuss reason for fit / current injuries / goals
  • Physical assessment of gait, muscle strength / length including upper body and trunk control, lower limb stability and biomechanics. 

 Bike fit

  • Assessment of current riding position, including cleat position.
  • Videoing of riding
  • Adjustment of key components to include cleats, saddle - height, fore and aft, handlebar - height and reach as well as pelvic position and body posture for optimal engagement of the gluteal max muscles and comfort around the shoulders and neck.
  • Advice regarding leg length discrepancy where relevant
  • Fitting of cleat wedges where relevant
  • Advice regarding pedalling biomechanics. 
  • Assessment of final riding position 


  • Feedback of biomechanics
  • Discussion of pre and post riding position
  • Relevant exercises and stretches for long term, improved gains
  • Report emailed to client within 48 hours

So what are the costs??

Our full bike-fit assesment lasting approximately 90 minutes costs only £150.00 - This includes a full report from our fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist.

(Please note: This does not include recommended parts). 

Health & Sports Physiotherapy run a designated quarterly bike fit clinic. These clinics book up fast!!  So contact us now to book your bike fit session!!