Concussion Clinic

Concussion Clinic

At Pro Sports Medicine, our sports doctors have experience of managing concussion at the highest levels of rugby, football and boxing. We can provide accurate assessment of the injury and offer the latest evidenced based research on return to play protocols to ensure the safest return to sport and daily life as a whole. 

Concussion is a type of brain injury that should be taken seriously. While concussion mostly occurs with direct blows to the head, particularly from sports like Rugby and football – concussion can also occur indirectly during non-contact sports or injuries sustained during daily life.

There is emerging research on how concussion should be managed in order to achieve the safest and speediest recovery. The Welsh Rugby Union and Football Association recommend that all individuals suspected of sustaining a concussion should be referred to a medical practitioner for assessment and again seen by a Doctor with experience in concussion management prior to return to play.

Concussion management and return to sport is not a service offered under the current NHS contract and not all doctors have the experience or expertise in managing sport related concussion. Furthermore, certain cohorts of patients like children/adolescents, those with a history of recurrent concussions, individuals with headache disorders, mental health problems and learning disabilities are particularly vulnerable to complications from concussion and/or prolonged symptoms.

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