Running Gait Analysis Lab

Running Gait Analysis Cardiff PhysioHealth & Sports Physiotherapy offers a video gait analysis service at our Cardiff Physiotherapy Clinic


Gait analysis provides runners with essential information about their running style and posture. This is important whether you are an elite athlete or a recreational runner, in the prevention of injury and performance. Gait Analysis is the study of human motion when walking or running. It is commonly used in sports biomechanics to assess how athletes can run more efficiently and to identify posture-related or movement-related problems.


This involves walking or running for on a treadmill, whilst being filmed using advanced analysis software. This footage is assessed in detail by a Chartered Physiotherapist, who will process the findings with the athlete. By using video gait analysis our Physiotherapists will study the pelvis, the lower limbs and the athlete's movement efficiency, to identify any biomechanical issues.

By slowing the video down and viewing the different running stages in detail, we can help identify movements which may be contributing to injury or affecting running efficiency. Runners will then work with our Physiotherapists on a rehabilitation / pre-habilitation program, with the aim of preventing injury and improving running efficiency.

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