Injection Therapy

Ultrasound Guided Injection Therapy

At Pro Sports Medicine, we provide the most advanced, cutting edge injection therapies available in sport, exercise and musculoskeletal medicine. The Sports Doctor provides each injection via ultrasound guidance to ensure the whole treatment is targeted upon the specific focus of your symptoms. We only offer ultrasound-guided injections to ensure the gold standard of care is provided to our patients. 

The Sports Doctor or physiotherapist will discuss which injection they feel is best suited to your problem and together, you can plan the best treatment going forward. Injection therapy options include;


Hydrodilitation / Hydrodistension injection - £395


**Please note if you haven't been referred by a medical professional, all US guided injections will require an Initial assessment with our Sports Doctor (£150) to determine if the proceedure is appropriate.
Should you require any further information about the Pro Sports Medicine Injection Therapy Services – please complete the below contact form