COVID-19 | Pro Sports Medicine

Covid-19 - Our Protocol

The health, wellbeing and safety of our patients and staff is our absolute priority during the unprecedented situation surrounding the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have put the following measures in place to reduce the risk to our staff, patients and to public health.

In adherence with government and the CSP guidelines, we are open for face to face consultations by taking a "Virtual First" approach. It is our priority to ensure the safety of our clients, therefore if you are considering coming for a face to face appointment it is essential that you read the following carefully;


Your Agreement with Us

You will have an Initial telephone conversation, so that we can risk assess if a face to face consultation is safe and appropriate. This is in line with the protocol and recommendations from our regulatory body The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). 

We will be doing everything we possibly can to reduce the risk to our staff and patients. However, if you do attend the clinic for face to face treatment, please be aware that there is no way that we can completely eliminate the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Please DO NOT attend if either you or one of your household is in one of the higher risk groups including, but not exclusively, those who are pregnant, immunosuppressed, those with diabetes, underlying heart or lung conditions and or those over the age of 70.

Please DO NOT attend if you have not been following the government guidelines for social distancing. If you are unsure of these please follow this link:

Please DO NOT attend if either you or one of your household has been unwell within the last 14 days. Including, but not exclusively, the following symptoms:

  • Fever over 37.8 degrees
  • New cough 
  • Loss of taste or smell.


Clinic Capacity and Cleaning

  • Appointments will be managed so that we can clean the clinical space
    - This will enable the clinician to have time to change PPE and clean all surfaces that have been touched by either the clinician or the patients.
    - This includes the plinths, gym equipment, seat handles etc...
  • Paper couch roll will be used to cover the bed and head rests. 


Personal Protective Equipment

Your physiotherapist will be wearing the following PPE at your appointment. This is in compliance with current government and CSP guidelines:

  • Non-latex gloves (single use)
  • Apron (single use)
  • IIR facemask (sessional use)


What to Expect when you come into the Clinic

When coming into the clinic we ask you to follow the following rules. We will terminate your appointment if you do not adhere to these rules and you will still be liable for the cost of the session:

  • Please complete the symptom checker questionnaire you that will be sent by email (link).
  • This must be done on the day of your appointment before attending your appointment. Failure to complete this will result in you being stopped from entering the clinic. 
  • Please wear a face mask or face covering for the entire time that you are in the building, as per government guidelines. We will provide a mask on arrival if you do not have one. 
  • We will ask you to carefully clean your hands with alcohol-based gel and wipes on entering the clinic.
  • When in clinic - to minimise close contact, please maintain social distancing (i.e >2 meters) when possible.
  • All payments will be made via contactless payment methods. We would like to avoid cash payments where possible. 

If you have any questions regarding your face to face or video consultations with us please do not hesitate to contact us on 02920 762000 or email