Private Doctor and GP Service

Private GP Service

Pro Sports Medicine offers Private Docotr / GP medical services for patients that do not necessarily have a sport or musculoskeletal problem. Our team of senior GPs provide bespoke general practice services, similar to those you would access via your NHS service. However, we understand that some medical problems require longer consultations without the time pressures experienced within the public sector. We offer patients a flexible and bespoke general practice service that allows rapid access to a GP with a consultation length that suits you. Initial consultations begin at 30 minutes with follow-up consultations beginning at 20 minutes. 

We can prescribe private prescriptions and refer to our private specialists for scans and consultations as you would expect via your NHS GP. We are able to liaise with your local GP practice or remain a confidential service if desired.  We undertake insurance and DVLA medicals and can offer letters of support for a variety of medical related issues. Our GPs can see patients from birth onwards and offer an integrated service with our sports doctors and physiotherapists to provide care for all sport and musculoskeletal problems.

Should you require any furher information about the Pro Sports Medicine Private GP Services - please complate the below contact form;