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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

At Pro Sports Medicine we use an elite-sport model of rehabilitation and treatment, where we aim to get you back to fitness in the optimal time frame. With our experienced staff and close relationships with some of the UK's leading orthopaedic surgeons and radiologists, we deliver a complete personal care package for all of our patients. 

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a keen weekend trainer or an office worker, we aim to work with you to relieve your symptoms, address the root cause of your injury and help you make a full recovery.

Initial Assessment - 45-60 minute Physiotherapy ConsultationBook Online Dan Jones Cardiff Physio Clinic

During your Initial Assessment your physiotherapist will take a history of your current injury as well as a detailed medical history. Following this you will have a physical assessment to determine a clinical diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made your Physiotherapist will outline a treatment and rehab plan, setting realistic goals with you aiming to restore normal fitness and function. 

This type of appointment is ideal for anyone with an injury needing assessment or more intensive treatment.

Follow-up consultation -  30 minute Physiotherapy ConsultationBook Online Dan Jones Cardiff Physio Clinic

During your follow-up consultations your physiotherapist will follow up on initial injury assessment and continue with manual therapy and rehabilitation work. Often your rehabilitaton exercises and program will be progressed during these follow-up sessions

This type of appointment is ideal for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation to support your recovery from injury. 

Question: What should you wear?

For clients with lower limb injuries please bring a pair of shorts to your session. If you have an upper limb, shoulder or neck problem please bring a vest top or shirt that allows the Physiotherapist access to assess and treat the injury (**Shorts can be provided if required). 

To book an appointment - please call 02920 762000 or email