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Off-site Physiotherapy Cardiff & South Wales

Our off-site physiotherapy service is designed to provide occupational healthcare to smaller companies that do not require, or do not have sufficient space for an on-site service.

We have fully equipped clinics across South Wales that fulfill the service requirements for the Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation of employees suffering from work related musculoskeletal injuries.

Stages of the service

  • Staff with musculoskeletal injuries whether work related or otherwise can be referred to Health & Sports Physiotherapy Ltd directly by your company without prior medical assessment.
  • We aim to offer an appointment within 24 hours of referral when the client will be assessed at the most convenient Health & Sports Physiotherapy Ltd clinic .
  • A report of the clients assessment, including any recommendations for management, will be provided as part of the service. This would also include advice on modified duties and a graded return to work plan for any employee with a longer term absence from work.
  • Agreements can be made on the number of appointments the client is prepared to allow  each employee as part of the treatment plan.

This service allows smaller companies an easy to use, flexible service that can be utilized only when required. In the current economic climate where budgets are constrained and margins are tighter, this service can offer you an efficient tool in managing the welfare of your workforce whilst keeping greater control on cost.