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On-site Physiotherapy Cardiff & South Wales

Through working closely with your business we can create a bespoke physiotherapy service to satisfy your company’s requirements.  By working ‘on-site’ at your company premises, there is minimal disruption to the day to day dynamics of the workforce routine. Having a regular on-site service opens clear communication channels between the clinician and HR managers, allowing early referral for injury management  to ensure a quicker recovery.

  • On referral a thorough clinical assessment will be conducted, with any potential relationship between an individual’s condition and their working practices being identified.
  • Following this an accurate diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan implemented.  In some cases, a period of modified duties or workplace alterations may be required.

Health & Sports Physiotherapy Ltd has provided occupational healthcare services across a broad range of industries from manufacturing to office based business, and have extensive experience in resolving musculoskeletal ailments arising at the workplace.

We have extensive experience in providing onsite physiotherapy services to businesses throughout Cardiff and South Wales, we use this experience to create a bespoke physiotherapy service that is specific to your businesse or organisations needs.