Sports & Exercise Medicine Services

Sports & Exercise Medicine Services

Sports Doctors specialise in the non-surgical management of sport and musculoskeletal problems. The vast majority of these injuries do not require surgery and our sports doctors are perfectly placed to offer and oversee the latest, evidenced based care for these problems.

Our Sports Doctors offer a global overview of your condition. They provide expert assessment of your problem providing a diagnosis and determine the most appropriate management plan that guides you to the best possible recovery.  Our sports doctors are highly trained in ultrasound imaging as both a diagnostic test and as an adjunct for providing the latest advances in joint and soft tissue injections.


Why should you see a sports doctor?

1)     To get an expert overview of your condition. Muscle and joint pain can often mimic other medical conditions not related to the musculoskeletal system.

2)     To confirm the correct diagnosis and correct path of treatment. They can liaise with other members of the team to ensure the latest, research-based care is being offered.

3)     If you have had treatment previously but your condition is not improving. 

4)      The sports doctor can provide on-site ultrasound imaging and therapeutic injections. If you feel you need a scan to clarify your problem or an injection to aid recovery – a sports doctor can assess, advise and provide this if it right for you. 

5)     If you need onward referral for external imaging like MRI and CT or need to see a different specialist like a Surgeon or Rheumatologist.


The following are provided on-site from our Sports Doctors:

  • Assessment, diagnoses & treatment options 
  • Sports Medicine Doctor clinic
  • Diagnostic ultrasound scans
  • Ultrasound guided injections including PRP, hyaluronic acid (Ostenil) and cortisone
  • Concussion Clinic
  • Well-man, well-woman and well-athlete clinic
  • Medicals e.g. pre-event screening/insurance medicals/HGV medicals 

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