Tele-Health Physiotherapy

Tele-Health Physiotherapy Consultations

At Health & Sports Physiotherapy the health, wellbeing and safety of our patients and staff is our absolute priority during the unprecedented situation surrounding the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

In adherence to government guidelines, we are taking proactive steps to promote social distancing to reduce the risk to our clients, staff and their families by closing our clinics. Nevertheless, it is our priority to continue the care and provision for our clients. 

In response we have diversified to provide you with an online Tele-Health Consultation Service

It is widely accepted in mulsculoskeletal-medicine research that early physiotherapy intervention is vital for faster recovery, protection from further deterioration and prevention of longer-term complications. During these challenging times, we feel that without continued access to our services, our clients' wellbeing is compromised. Therefore as a clinic, we have made the decision to offer seamless, remote tele-health consultations to fulfil our comprehensive diagnostic and intervention approaches.

Tele-Health Physiotherapy Consultations CardiffThrough the use of various technological platforms, the systematic approach of our virtual consultation mirrors that of our in-clinic assessments. Along with specific tailored questions and functional tasks this process allows our specialist to remotely evaluate client needs with certainty whilst upholding our gold-standard mindset.

Following on from the consultation, a bespoke management plan will be designed and implemented by your Physiotherapist, supported by multi-media resources. As with any rehab plan, constant review and progression is imperative, therefore our aim is to continue our virtual support throughout the duration of the rehabilitation process.  

To book your online tele-health consultation or for more information please contact us either by calling 02920 762000 or completing the contact form below